Cornell Bowers College of Computing and Information Science
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Information Science, Systems, and Technology



Information science explores technology and the way people use it. The discipline examines information systems in their social, cultural, economic, historical, legal, and political contexts. 



The major in Information Science, Systems, and Technology (ISST) studies the design and management of complex information systems. The core courses in the field provide students with grounding in operations research modeling techniques of probability, statistics, and optimization; computer science; economics; and the social and organizational contexts in which transformative information systems exist. Students then choose one of two options: Management Science (MS) or Information Science (IS).

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Ideal for students interested in:

The human-centered aspects of computing and information, such as algorithmic fairness; ethics, law, and policy; digital humanities; human-computer and human-robot interaction; machine learning; natural language processing; network analysis; market and mechanism design, science and technology studies; and user-experience and design.

Degree paths

 The Information Science, Systems, and Technology (ISST) major is only open to Engineering students, who earn a B.S.

Are there any key differences in degree?

The Information Science, Systems, and Technology B.S. has a few additional technical requirements beyond those required for the Information Science major

Where should I apply?

ISST is only offered through Cornell Engineering


For more information about the major, please contact Information Science by phone, 607.255.9837, email, visit the undergraduate program office located in 520 Rhodes Hall, or visit