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Clubs & Organizations

Engaged learning beyond the classroom

Cornell Bowers CIS students enhance their educational experiences by engaging broadly through student-led clubs and organizations.

There are more than 1,000 student organizations and student teams on campus that provide endless opportunities to connect with other students who share your interests. 

Here are a few that provide opportunities for students to develop technical and leadership skills, find and provide mentorship, and foster relationships with potential employers.

Association of Computer Science Undergraduates (ACSU)

The Association of Computer Science Undergraduates (ACSU) is Cornell's chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery. Membership is open to all students at Cornell University. Those interested in computer science or computers in general are strongly encouraged to join. Our primary purpose is to enhance the undergraduate experience in computer science. We do this by promoting professional, social, and educational interaction among students interested in computers or computer science, as well as facilitating students' communication with CS faculty, alumni, and corporate representatives. 

Information Science Student Association (ISSA)

Information Science is one of the fastest growing and cutting-edge majors offered at Cornell University. The Information Science Student Association (ISSA) is here to improve the student experience and spread the word about the major. The ISSA plans networking events, social events, corporate information sessions and tech talks with faculty.

Women in Computing at Cornell (WICC)

Women in Computing at Cornell (WICC) is a student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery for Women (ACM-W). Its goal is to bring together and support women in computing at Cornell through networking, mentorship and outreach.

Underrepresented Minorities in Computing (URMC)

Underrepresented Minorities in Computing (URMC) is a student group at Cornell with the goal is to bring together and support underrepresented minority students in computing at Cornell through networking and mentorship.

Cornell AppDev

Founded in 2014, Cornell AppDev is an open-source project team at Cornell that builds products to bring inspiration, professionalism, and community to app developers at Cornell. They do this by building apps using industry-level techniques with an emphasis on mobile development, cultivating a strong mentorship culture, and educating the next generation of Cornellians in our craft.

Cornell Design & Tech Initiative

Cornell Design & Tech Initiative is an engineering project team dedicated to creating technology for community impact. With more than 70 team members, DTI includes designers, developers, product managers, and business analysts helping to build websites and mobile applications for Cornell and beyond. The group also shares its knowledge with others through initiatives like technical workshops and local community events.

Cornell ICPC

If you like solving problems, join Cornell ICPC Programming! This is your chance to learn more about programming, data structures and algorithm design with hands-on contests while meeting some of the best problem solvers at Cornell. Come and have fun with us!


Hack4Impact exists for both nonprofits and students. We connect student software developers and designers with nonprofits and other socially responsible organizations to develop powerful new tools for social change. This enables nonprofits to further their mission and better engage their clients. We are committed to increasing awareness of technology's potential for good and in the past, we have worked in social impact sectors ranging from climate change to prison reform.

Cornell University Unmanned Air Systems (CUAir)

CUAir is an interdisciplinary project team which designs, builds, and flies a fully autonomous aerial search and rescue system. Team members work on projects like custom PCB design, composite manufacturing, graphic design, full stack software development, rapidly prototyped mechanical structures, machine learning algorithms, and much more! Each summer they take part in the AUVSI SUAS competition, competing against national and international teams on tasks like autonomous take-off and landing, waypoint navigation, automatic in-flight obstacle avoidance, target detection, classification and localization, and payload delivery.

Bowers CIS Undergraduate Research Experience (BURE)

BURE helps Cornell Bowers CIS undergraduates gain new skills and explore research with a hands-on summer experience. Open to all Cornell Bowers CIS undergraduates, BURE pairs undergraduates with a faculty mentor for a 10-week summer research program. Applicants rank prospective faculty mentors from a list of participating mentors, and are then matched with a mentor based on both student and faculty preference. Applicants must have taken a core CS, IS, or SDS course, and are highly encouraged to speak with a prospective faculty mentor prior to applying. BURE is a full time commitment, with students required to attend all BURE programming throughout the summer.

Quant Fund at Cornell

The group fosters a community for financial innovation and to explore the bleeding-edge of investing technology.

CSMore and CSMore Works

The Rising Sophomore Summer Program in Computer Science (CSMore) was created to broaden the participation of undergraduates in computer science through interactive learning, research exposure, professional development, and social engagement. CSMore Works provides an opportunity for participants to continue building their relationship with CSMore Alumni, Bowers CIS faculty, and the Bowers CIS DEI team; receive peer mentorship from previous cohorts of CSMore; take advantage of Bowers CIS DEI academic support services and engage in a series of social activities on campus and in the local community.

Actuarial Society at Cornell

The group is a support network for professionalism, technical skills, course advisement, exam preparation, company presentations, networking, and mentoring for interested students.

Sports Analytics at Cornell

A group of students who are passionate about the growing role of analytics in professional and collegiate sports. They want to create an inclusive environment of diverse skill sets where students can research and discuss topics in the field.

Biomedical Informatics Club (CU BMI)

The system of diagnosing and treating most diseases is broken. Biomedical Informatics is an interdisciplinary approach (computer science, statistics, and biomedical science) to help fix it. The group aims to inspire and bring together budding biomedical data enthusiasts.

Cornell Engineering Project Teams 

Open to all Cornell Bowers CIS students