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Corporate Partners

Cornell Bowers CIS was founded on the understanding that data, computation, and information technology would transform virtually every area of study and every aspect of our lives. Our faculty in three departments — Computer Science, Information Science, and Statistics and Data Science — are shaping emerging fields of inquiry while also examining the societal, sustainability, and ethical implications of technological innovation. 

Today, more than 75% of all Cornell undergraduate students take at least one Bowers CIS class. Students recognize that regardless of which field they pursue, information, statistics, and computation will play a critical role in developing the skills they need for a successful career.


About Us:

We tailor corporate partnerships to be mutually beneficial by offering a wide range of options to engage with the Cornell Bowers CIS community, including research grants, matching funds for proposals, graduate student fellowships, student projects, and student event sponsorships. 

Cornell Bowers CIS unique structure fuels unique collaboration across disciplines – from communications and law to economics and medicine — making us a great partner for companies and organizations that demand collaborative approaches. ​

Contact Us:

If you are interested in exploring a partnership with Cornell Bowers CIS, or would like to schedule a visit to campus, please contact Laura Batten, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations,

Cornell Bowers CIS is among the broadest college-level computing and information science units at a major research university. 

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