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Video Interview Tips Summary

Place your laptop on a few books so that the webcam is at eye level or slightly higher. It is not flattering to be looking down into the webcam.

Sit up straight.

Practice verbalizing your answers out loud ahead of time. Often times when you first verbalize an answer it comes out clunky or not as smooth as you had hoped.

Practice, practice, practice with a friend, your web cam on your phone and video tape yourself, optimal interview (Cornell Career Resources, found within Optimal Resume button near the Handshake button, then go to the bottom of the page to see Optimal Interview)

Dressing as if it is a face to face interview helps to boost confidence.

Review your resume ahead of time, do not read from it during the interview.

Research the company.

Review the job description.  Know what the company is looking for and be ready to provide examples of what you have done that they are looking for.  Understand the soft skills or transferrable skills they are looking for. Are they looking for a team player? Are they looking for someone to manage multiple projects within a deadline? Tell them how you have managed school projects while preparing for tests and how you prioritized in order to do both well.

Re read the job description underlining all of the key soft skills they may have stated in the preceding paragraph to the requirements of the position.  You know, where the job description states, the person in this position will… be a dynamic cross functional team player who also likes to work independently.  Once you have these key phrases underlined then see how often a team player or client/user-focused individual occurs.  Then think of the examples in your past where you may have displayed these skills.

When they ask you to, “Tell me about yourself” or “Walk me through your resume”. Begin with examples that align what you have done, your experiences which correlate with what the skills are the company is looking for. These examples may be technical examples if the position is mostly technical but should also include a few examples of transferrable skills.