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Interview style, process and formality vary greatly among employers.  How do you know what to expect? probably won't, so prepare for all kinds of interviews, learn as much as you can and make sure you understand the job description as it relates to your skills.

Preparing for Interviews

Prepare for interviews: To get started review the information on preparing for an interview provided by Cornell Career Services

Interview Workshop Slides: Cornell Career Services has PowerPoint slides of their interview workshops available. Review the slides for useful information 

Types of Interviews - there are several different styles of interviews. Learn about these different types and get tips on how to prepare for each.

Interview questions

List of questions:   Here is a list of  interview questions you might be asked provided by Cornell Career Services.

  • If you prepare answers to typical interview questions you can increase your confidence and potential for success.
  • Understanding the employer’s goal in asking these questions will help you prepare effective responses.

Practice: You will find tips from Cornell Services on practicing your interview skills here. Remember, being able to present yourself with confidence is the first step.

  • Optimal Interview: practice interviewing using the mock interview system within the Optimal Resume. You can record your answers to questions and play them back.

Interviewing Tips/Articles