Cornell Bowers College of Computing and Information Science

BOOM 2018 Award Recipients

Sponsors' Awards

Each sponsor will give one award based on broad criteria including novelty, execution, quality of engineering, performance, difficulty, social benefits, presentation, and usefulness. Each sponsor award will include a commemorative trophy and a $750 cash prize.

This year's sponsor award recipients are:

Air Liquide: Health Tracking App for IHH

Air Liquide gives award to Health Track App for IHH

EY: Ithaca Transit App

EY gives award to Ithaca Transit App

Capital One: QUACC

Capital One gives award to QUACC

Amazon: Ithaca Transit App

Ithaca Transit App gets sponsor award from Amazon

Schlumberger: RoboMixer

Schlumberger chooses RoboMixer for award

Disney: Spyder Bot

Disney chooses Spyder Bot

a16z: Uplift

a16z gives sponsor award to Uplift

JP Morgan: Cicero DB

JP Morgan Chase gives award to Cicero DB

Bank of America: Campus Tour App

Bank of America chooses Campus Tour App

Workday: Banana Maven

Banana Maven chosen to receive Workday sponsor award

Goldman Sachs: In Domain

Goldman Sachs chooses In Domain for sponsor award

Faculty Choice Award

The Faculty Choice Award is judged by CIS faculty and focuses on the computing aspect of a project. Criteria may include novelty, elegance, simplicity, and appropriateness of algorithms and overall software engineering. The winning project will receive $750. The winner of the Faculty Choice Award was: Brella - Personal Weather.

Brella winning Faculty Choice Award

Statistics Award

The Statistics Award is given to the most intriguing statistics project as judged by a panel of statistics faculty members. The winning project will receive $750. This year's award winning team was: Wikisite.

Wikisite wins Statistics Award


Legacy Teams Award

The Legacy Teams Award is a separate category this year, compromised solely of Cornell Engineering Project Teams submissions. It is judged by select faculty and students. The selected team will receive $750. This year's award recipient was: Autonomous Bicycle.

Autonomous bicycle team winning Legacy Team Award