Cornell Bowers College of Computing and Information Science

BOOM 2017 Award Recipients

Sponsors' Awards Our Verizon sponsors give out their prize at BOOM 2017.

These award recipients were selected by our sponsors, based on broad criteria including novelty, execution, quality of engineering, performance, difficulty, social benefits, presentation, and usefulness.  Each of the nine winning teams received $500.

  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch Award:  "Fridge Friend - A Food Waste Solution" (Victoria Beall, Lola Legrand, Michael Luzmore)
  • Disney Award:  "Open Mind - Human Swarm Interaction in the Context of Construction" (Yanir Nulman, Ryan O'Hern, Sean Viswanathan)
  • EY Award:  "Reduct" (Ian Arawjo, David Li)
  • Lockheed Martin Award:  "CiceroDB: Optimizing Voice Output of Relational Data" (Mark Bryan, Jiancheng Zhu)
  • Pitney Bowes Award:  "Plant Operations Smartphone Tracker" (Jose Castro, Matthew Limjoco, Fawn Wong)
  • Schlumberger Award:  "Depth Perception for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles" (Yuji Akimoto, Ryan Butler, Nolan Gray, Dae Won Kim)
  • Two Sigma Award:  "Extending Cultural Comprehension" (Hana Cummings, Juliana Hong)
  • Verizon Award:  "Plant Operations Smartphone Tracker" (Jose Castro, Matthew Limjoco, Fawn Wong)
  • Workday Award:  "Cornell Data Science Training Program" (Dae Won Kim, Jared Lim, Amit Mizrahi, Kenta Takatsu, Chase Thomas)

Faculty Choice Award

The Faculty Choice award was judged by faculty from CIS, and focused on the computing aspects of the project (software algorithms, software engineering). Criteria may include novelty, elegance, simplicity, and appropriateness of algorithms, and overall software engineering.  The selected team received $500.  The recipient was "Benefits of Resource Disaggregation in Datacenters" (Alana Marzoev).

Statistics Award

The BOOM Statistics Award was awarded to the most intriguing statistics project as judged by a panel of statistics faculty members.  The selected team received $500.  The recipient was "CU There" (Joseph Antonakakis, Annie Cheng, Daniel Li, Amit Mizrahi).

People’s Choice Award Cornell Mars Rover Team

The People’s Choice Award recipient was selected by the attendees according to whatever criteria each attendee saw fit to use. All attendees and participants were eligible to vote during the event. The selected team received $500.  Attendees who voted during the event were entered in a drawing to win an iPad Mini2.  The winner was "Cornell Mars Rover" (Varun Belur, Emma Carpenter, John Draikiwicz, Matthew Filipek, Jacob Glueck, Hunter Goldstein, James Haber, Scott Holmdahl, Seetha Kolli, Nicole Polemeni-Hegarty, Andrew Showers, Sean Viswanathan).